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Issue 3, August 2014
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The Water Garden complex is getting a new look!
This breathtaking complex in Santa Monica, managed by CBRE, doesn’t need much to wow its tenants and visitors.  With its ambient fountains, crisp landscaping, and the expansive and serene lake that serves as a centerpiece for the buildings, it already has an abundance of beauty to offer those in its presence.  In order to accentuate the timelessness of this property though, an update to the color of the awnings was in order. 
The current awnings are green, and while still eye-pleasing, tend to date the buildings.
Our team of painters at Duggan and Associates are currently painting these areas with 3 different types of paint (Tnemec, Dunn Edwards SpartaShield, and Dunn Edwards Everest) in a custom version of the Swiss Coffee shade.  Once completed, all of the awnings will look like the following, completed one.  Bright, welcoming, timeless, and very L.A..
What a difference a paint job can make…
Duggan and Associates continue on their quest to further beautify the Greater Los Angeles area by giving this Douglas Emmett managed building in Beverly Hills a new coat of paint.  These images show the contrast between the original paint job, and the new, luminous coat of Sherwin Williams Macropoxy in Ibis White.  Set against a blue L.A. sky and decorated with palm trees, this property will be ready for its closeup, Mr. DeMille.
Our friends at Constellation Place and Colorado Center strike big at the 2014 TOBY Awards in Orlando, FL!

Constellation Place took home the Earth Award at the June 2014 TOBY event!  This award "recognizes environmentally sound office building management practices, and honors building management teams that preserve and enhance the internal and external environment through an all all-around green program." Constellation Place features a beautiful plaza called the "Art Canyon," which incorporates decorative paving materials, mosaic water features, curved walls of seating, semi-mature trees, and groundcover plantings to convey the look and feel of a canyon-like river bed.

Colorado Center took home the Suburban Office Park Mid-Rise Award. This award recognizes properties that have two or more buildings with at least one building 6-10 stories in height and occupies more than five acres. Colorado Center features elegant marble and stone lobbies with stainless steel and glass accents.  The 15-acre, open-air campus offers outside walkways, water features, teak wood seating, beautiful, distinctive landscaping, and many more amenities for tenants and the community.

Congratulations to both properties!

Amazon is the new kid on the block at the Water Garden...

Amazon is taking over The Water Garden in Santa Monica, CA occupying three floors on the property.  Amazon gutted the offices to prepare for their Los Angeles Headquarters and to create a collaborative, open, working environment.  Duggan and Associates is putting the finishing touches on the interior painting inside the offices using 15 different colors.  Amazon used a clear coat for their dry erase walls for each conference room and sprayed its open ceilings to add more vibrancy and color waves throughout the office.  

Welcome to Los Angeles, Amazon!
Property Manager Tips
Adele Bayless, RPA FMA
Senior Property Manager
Equity Office Properties

Putting the Ps First

First remember that commercial properties are transitory in nature.  Owners will acquire new buildings and dispose of current ones; it is the new paradigm.  A Property Manager’s role is to continually enhance and expand the financial and market performance of her properties, branding them with unique and resilient best practices and administration.  The tone for a property is set at the top; friendly and accommodating?  Or sterile and aloof?  Caring and maintained?  Or ignored and forgotten?  The Property Manager’s personality will show in how the building and staff present to the world.

Processes in all areas make up the backbone of how we do business.  Commit to the attainment of new and better ways to manage buildings, collect rent, attract tenants and meet laws and codes.  Greet the challenge of the future by actively searching out and early adoption of more efficient, faster and better methods of doing business.  Learn from staff as well as vendors.  Listen to clients.  What will make life easier for them?  There is usually more than one way to get things done.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Reach out to fellow employees and industry colleagues.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Every strong foundation is created by the talent, enthusiasm, knowledge and experience of skilled and enthusiastic employees.  Take every opportunity to acknowledge and reward initiative, commitment and the drive of those who daily serve clients and vendors.  Respect and nurture internal and external relationships with the aim of creating a unique and rewarding experience.  Strive to be the first choice for the businesses (clients) and employees (staff) who are at the top of their field.
Believe that business must be conducted with vision, excellence, fairness, honesty and flexibility.  Respect and encourage innovation and the free exchange of ideas with staff, vendors and clients.  Strive to attract and retain quality clients as well as talented employees in today’s highly competitive business atmosphere.  A person can hear a smile or frown over the telephone.  That’s powerful.
Duggan Family Spotlight
Duggan and Associates would like to welcome their newest member, Crystal Henning!  And since Crystal is the one actually writing this, she’s now going to switch out of 3rd person writing and into 1st.
Hi everyone!  My name is Crystal and I am the new Marketing Director here at Duggan and Associates.  I’m also the new author of this fabulous newsletter you’re currently reading.  So far I’m loving this new family and I think they might like me too…maybe. :)  A little about me, you ask?  Well, I’m a native Californian (hard to find these days), born and raised in the South Bay area (so I’m basically a beach girl).  I went to college in the cold, cold state of Pennsylvania (University of Pittsburgh!).  I have an 8 year old son who is just the greatest and most adorable kid (granted, I’m a bit biased), and I also have my own photography business called Avery James Photography (www.averyjamesphotography.com).  I’ve got a huge passion for marketing in general.  I love the concept of figuring out what catches people’s attention, what makes them keep reading what you’re writing, what triggers someone to share information with another person, and what is visually pleasing to the eye.  In addition, I love stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, biking, reading, music (any and all), Disneyland and anything Disney (you might say I’m a smidgen obsessed), macaroni and cheese, and traveling.  I’ve yet to travel overseas, but I have covered quite a bit of U.S. ground.
So that’s me in a nutshell.  I look forward to meeting many of you at various events.  Feel free to drop me a line at crystal@dugganla.com just to say hi or if you have any questions! 

Snapshot of Summer 2014 Projects

  • Douglas Emmett, Graffiti Removal
  • Pacific Corporate Towers, Parking Booth Cover Painting
  • USC Wellness Center, Exterior Painting
  • Interscape, Farmers Insurance, Door Strip and Restain
  • The Muller Company, Pressure Washing
  • Howard Builders, Viacom, Wallcovering Repair
  • NFL Network, Aikman Conference Room Painting
  • Runway at Playa Vista, interior/exterior painting
  • Desmond Building Renovation, interior/exterior painting

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