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While some have embraced the world of street art, choosing even to cover their building's exterior with urban-influenced, commissioned murals to deter the "blank canvas" urge that often results in a fresh coat of spray painted signatures, many property managers and owners are not a fan of anything outside of a fresh coat of solid paint on the walls of their prized buildings.

Unwanted graffiti is viewed as a degradation of life to a community's residents, and many cities have budgeted funds to remove and/or paint over illegal and publicly displayed graffiti on both public and private structures.  While this sounds like a great opportunity for a free paint job, these budgets don't necessarily allow for the commercial quality of paint and painters that many buildings are used to using.  The FAQ's for Los Angeles' Office of Community Beautification state that " will try to match the existing color as closely as possible," and the workforce is primarily comprised of those needing to "complete community service hours for the court system."  In a pinch, it's always best to cover the graffiti by whatever means and resources necessary, especially as the concern is that the initial graffiti will encourage additional graffiti if not removed in a timely manner.  But if you've passed by buildings with patches of un-matching colors, or the obvious lines of fresh paint next to old paint, then you know that there are less ideal options.

What's the best option then?  We suggest a non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating for your building, typically applied to the most accessible areas.  Whether you have a solid coat of paint on your building, a brick façade, or a painted mural that you don't want to risk being defaced, a non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating gives a layer of protection to your building's surface that allows for graffiti to be scrubbed off, often paired with a special cleaning solution, without damaging the coating on the building's exterior.  The non-sacrificial option allows for multiple cleanings before having to re-apply the anti-graffiti coating.  The graffiti is removed, and your paint job stays intact. 

As always, contact Duggan and Associates for a free estimate on a non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating for your building.

P: 310.323.3600


IREM Super Friends Jungle Jubilee!

For those of you who were able to join us at our very first IREM Los Angeles Super Friends event, we hope that you all enjoyed the amazing ambience that the beautiful Los Angeles Zoo was able to provide.  Guests were shuttled in from the entrance, passing by koalas and other zoo dwellers, then let off in the Mahale Mountains exhibit area between the ever-entertaining chimpanzees and the graceful giraffes.

Tables were donned with orange tablecloths, adding a pop of color amongst the green, jungle atmosphere.  A full BBQ spread of pulled pork, pulled chicken, corn, potatoes, beans, and cornbread was set, and if you ventured past the dinner table, you could catch a peak of the elephants trying to say 'hello' to guests.

The party ventured into the evening, and as the sun set, the lights strung through the thick awning of trees provided a welcome atmosphere reminiscent of a backyard, country gathering.  A short speech was given by current IREM L.A. President, Peter Anastassiou (JLL) where he introduced the nine IREM L.A. Super Friends, followed by a raffle for an iPad, won by Heather Riley (Topa Management).  All proceeds from the event ($10 ticket sales) were donated to the Los Angeles Zoo.

Overall, the evening was memorable and filled with laughter, fun stories, animal antics, and great connections.  We thank IREM L.A. and our fellow IREM L.A. Super Friends for their participation, collaboration, and coordination, and we thank all of our clients for joining us at this unique and joyous event!

Exterior painting at the CBRE managed Arena Corporate Center in Anaheim
Chiller room painting at the Equity Office managed 5670 Wilshire Blvd. building in Los Angeles
Chiller room painting at the Equity Office managed 5670 Wilshire Blvd. building in Los Angeles
Epoxy coating in the garage at the Brookfield managed FIGat7th building in DTLA
Epoxy coating in the garage at the Brookfield managed FIGat7th building in DTLA

Wood refinishing at Worthe managed campus, The Reserve in Playa Vista

Spray finished roof screen at the Kilroy Airport Center in Long Beach
Parking lot striping at the CIM managed Hollywood and Highland center

Duggan and Associates' annual pool party, fittingly held in the midst of one of the L.A. area's several heat waves

Annual Duggan and Associates pool party - Lola, Yvonne, and Becky showing off their hula hoop moves

Yvonne, winner of the first Duggan and Associates 'Biggest Loser' challenge

Celebrating our superintendent, Ray's, birthday!

Celebrating Duggan team member, Joe's, birthday!

Frank, Chris, and Josh team building at the 19th hole

August's Employee of the Month, Ernesto

Frank, Lily (Brookfield), and Chris at BOMA's event held at the Luxe City Center Hotel in DTLA

Julia (Equity Office), Josh, Maneli (Brookfield), and Xochitl (Brookfield) at BOMA's event held at the Luxe City Center Hotel in DTLA

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