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Duggan has a new home...

As of February 27, 2015, Duggan and Associates will be relocating towards the South Bay.  Please update your contact information for us:

Duggan and Associates
1442 West 135th Street
Gardena, CA 90249
Phone (unchanged): 323-965-1502
Fax (new): 800-559-1812

Please note that our office operations will be shut down on Friday, Feb 27, and resuming Mar 2.  All field operations will remain open.  Our estimators and superintendents will be available via cell phone and email.


Spread some good cheer, and have some green beer!

It's almost here!  Put on your best green attire, freshen up on your Irish slang, let your hair down, and get ready to dance a jig or two with your fellow industry professionals and your favorite painting and restoration companies...because everyone is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

Rumor has it, there may be a lucky leprechaun in our midst...

Event open to all Duggan and Har-Bro clients!

Please RSVP prior to event:

Healthy Is In!

Although healthy living should be a staple throughout society no matter the decade, it does seem to be one of the biggest trends as of late.  Whether it's the latest workouts (SoulCycle, Pound, CrossFit, Obstacle Races), the latest fitness technology (Fitbit, Jawbone, Sensor Socks, HAPIfork), or the latest diets (Paleo, gluten free, juice cleanses, coconut everything), Los Angeles has jumped on board and is running/jumping/cycling its way to a healthier life.  Hand in hand with healthy living and the uprising of green living, public transportation options, and constant new development throughout L.A., people are looking for better and more active ways to get around this big city.

If you've ever been to a CicLAvia event, you may have been surprised by the sheer number of people who own and ride bikes throughout Los Angeles, and thoroughly enjoy it.  This city is typically known for being saturated with automobiles, but underneath those 4 gas-powered wheels is a city in love with fitness and the wind on their face, coupled with the productivity of getting to a destination.

Los Angeles has been making great strides with an increase in public transportation, and has been trying to get on board with the latest traffic reduction efforts with programs such as Bike Sharing, trailing behind other large cities including New York City, San Diego, Orlando, Phoenix, and Seattle.  This is evidence of the shifting tides in our transportation desires.  More people want to get out of their polluting cars, and not stop and go in traffic every weekday morning and evening.

The Brookfield management team at the Bank of America Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles was already seeing the rising trend of its tenants biking to work, and knew that their Seattle branch had seen similar trends and had created an indoor area for tenants to store their bicycles.  The L.A. team then took the initiative to create a space in their building for tenants to safely house their bikes upon arriving at their office, and even shower before heading to work.

Brookfield took a once empty storage room, and developed from the ground up an aesthetically pleasing space that serves as a great area to transition from "morning workout" to "day at the office".  They teamed with Duggan and Associates to paint all of the paintable surfaces, and to install all of the drywall throughout the space creating 2 shower rooms and closing off the ceiling.  Brookfield also installed a surface along the wall that can be used for bike repair, and offers complimentary bike tools, an air compressor, and a bike repair stand.  The shower rooms are supplied with complimentary towels.  The room is also equipped with a security key entrance and security cameras both inside and outside of the room.  Lockers will eventually be installed inside the room as well.  Once word got out amongst the Brookfield offices of this well-created bike room, the Bank of America Plaza team was inundated with requests for the room specs so that they could replicate the space.

Ceiling drywall installed by Duggan and Associates

Before shot of the same space mid-construction

Entire drywall layout for shower rooms, as well as both doors, were all installed and painted by Duggan and Associates

Before shot of the shower rooms after the drywall was installed

Shower Room

Complimentary towels in the shower room

Custom wall art of a map of the Downtown L.A. area

Sink area and space for future lockers

Work bench, bike repair stand, and complimentary bike tools and air compressor

Chris Duggan and the Brookfield management team for the Bank of America Plaza during the construction process

With the bike room option presented, more tenants may be inspired to bike to work and can start their day with their blood flowing post-bike ride, increasing energy and productivity.  Building Management is able to contain and safely store the growing number of bikes on their property and keep tenants from pushing their bikes up to their suites.  The cars being replaced with bikes will begin to alleviate parking congestion.  Oh, and Mother Earth is a tad bit cleaner.

Sometimes we like to show off...

Our Duggan field team is constantly out at various properties working on an array of projects.  They often take photos of their finished work, or the work in progress, and this gives us an opportunity to share some of the things we are working on with all of you!

Suite painting, including chalkboard walls, via Steiner Construction at 5900 Wilshire in Los Angeles.

Lobby ceiling painting at Hines managed 10100 Santa Monica in Los Angeles/Century City

A before and after shot of an epoxy coating with a stenciled floor graphic in the parking garage of Hines managed 12025 Waterfront Drive in Playa Vista

Building address being painted with "Kilroy Red" at 909 Sepulveda in El Segundo.

Red and yellow epoxy floor coatings throughout Unite HERE Health offices at 130 S. Alvarado in Los Angeles via Turelk Contractors


January 2015 employee of the month celebration

January 2015 employee of the month celebration

Duggan and Associates sponsored trip to see the Hollywood sign up close and personal - shuttle ride to the sign

Chris Duggan in front of the sign Duggan and Associates painted in 2013

Josh Moon, with Duggan and Associates, taking a photo of Brookfield property manager, Lillian, with the Hollywood sign

Duggan and Associates painter doing graffiti cover touch-ups on the Hollywood sign

(left to right) Josh, Lillian, Tiffany, Courtney, Robert, Leia, Shannon, Kevin, Chris, and Cathy at the Hollywood sign

Lunch at the Messhall Kitchen in Los Angeles after visiting the Hollywood sign

Redondo Beach Super Bowl Sunday 10K/5K Race that Duggan and Associates team members participated in

Duggan team (left to right - Crystal, Angie, Rosita, Becky, Sheila, and Rosita's daughter in the back) at the Redondo Beach Super Bowl Sunday 10K/5K Race

Duggan Valentine's day cookies

Crystal (w/Duggan) and Anastasiya (w/Hines) joining in on the skiing fun in Big Bear with the Orange County IREM group ski trip

Crystal and Anastasiya with their ski instructor, George (far right), and another student at the Big Bear Orange County IREM Ski Trip

Chris Duggan serving as moderator for the 2015 IREM Forecast event's panel at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles

And a special blast from the past that Brookfield Property Manager, Reggie, recently found in his office at 333 S. Hope in Los Angeles - a photo from 1992 featuring Chris Duggan and previous Property Manager Jacky Wood

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