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It's Budget Season!

We know you're excited, it's your favorite time of year!  Countless days spent pouring over spreadsheets and numbers galore with meetings on top of meetings to predict the future.  While we know you're basically a super-hero masked as Clark Kent (or Claire Kent?) and capable of anything - estimating the cost of painting your building's garage or re-caulking the exterior wasn't exactly in your job description.  But it is in ours! 

Give us a call (310-323-3600) or email (, and we'll be happy to come out and give you a free estimate on your 2016 projects.

Service List:

- Interior Painting
- Exterior Painting
- Wallcovering Removal & Installation
- Dry Erase and Specialty Walls
- Wood Refinishing
- Epoxy Floor Coating
- Elastomeric Coating
- Drywall Installation/Repair
- Waterproofing and Caulking

Water Conservation

If you live in Southern California, then you are probably acutely aware of the importance of saving water, both for environmental and financial reasons.  Property and facility managers especially feel the pull of "going green" and are often looking for ways to conserve water usage in their buildings, from automatic sensors on faucets, to drought-tolerant landscaping, to gray water recycling.  Many buildings have even opted to install and use the newer "waterless urinals" which can save 20,000 - 45,000 gallons of water a year, per urinal.

Although these waterless urinals have been around since the early 1990's, they weren't widely used until around 2006 due to pushback from plumber's unions.  Since the mainstream use of these is fairly new, the learning curve on their usage and maintenance is still pretty steep.  Many buildings have recently been seeing an increase of build-up in their pipes, such as shown below.

The plus side of installing waterless urinals, beyond the substantial amount of water saved, ranges from the low-cost fixture options, to the government rebates available, to the lack of airborne bacteria that comes about due to flushing.  Large, public facilities such as the Rose Bowl, Heathrow Airport, the Taj Mahal, the U.S. Army, and school districts are switching to waterless urinals and seeing the cost and environmental savings.  The downside though, is the additional maintenance required to maintain odor control and to keep your pipes from turning out like the one pictured above.

The trap cartridges and/or liquid sealant needs to be regularly replaced, and janitorial staff needs to be properly trained on how to do this, as well as training on what types of cleaning solvents can be used.  The pipes should still be manually flushed periodically with water during cartridge/sealant changes to keep build-up from occurring.   Even with perfectly scheduled maintenance though, the uncontrollable variable is the users.  Many facilities have concluded that people were dumping coffee or other large quantities of liquids down the urinals, thus flushing away the sealant that maintains odor control, or damaging the trap cartridges altogether.

If you're considering waterless urinals in your building(s), check out this very thorough evaluation created by Industrial Economics and Aceti Associates in Massachusetts:

And don't forget - when your building's restrooms need a new coat of paint, please call Duggan and Associates for a free estimate! 

Epoxy floor coating and painted walls in the garage at the JLL managed 300 S. Grand Ave. in Los Angeles
Completed stencil work at 300 S. Grand Ave.
New wallcovering installation at the Los Angeles BOMA office (700 S. Flower St., Los Angeles)
Mullions refinishing at the Hines managed One Wilshire building in Los Angeles
Epoxy floor coating at the Tishman Speyer managed 345 N. Maple Dr. in Beverly Hills
Anti-graffiti coating being applied over exterior murals at The Bloc in DTLA via Webcor Builders (General Contractor)
Exterior painting at The Bloc

Multi-spec coating being applied in the garage at the 1999 Avenue of the Stars building in Century City, via LAZ Parking

Interior painting at the Kilroy managed Sunset Media Center in Hollywood
Wood refinishing at the CBRE managed Pacific Corporate Towers in El Segundo

Duggan team members Becky, Angie, and Rosita, along with their families, at the Color Run 5K held at the Dodger Stadium

Very important team discussion going on at the Duggan office

Crystal with Griselda (West Coast Maintenance) and Rosie (Kennedy Wilson) at the IREM networking event held at Herringbone at the Mondrion Hotel

Our May 2015 Employee of the Month - Freddy

Golfers ready to play at the Annual IFMA Golf Tournament held at the Porter Valley Country Club

Crystal at the IFMA Golf Tournament with Garth (American Honda), Pauline (ATI), and Carlos (A&A Maintenance)

Chris Duggan with Shawn (CBRE) and Blanca (Annenberg Foundation) at the BOMA 100 Year Celebration Party
The sea of people at the BOMA 100 Year Celebration Party held at the LA Center Studios (also currently being painted by Duggan and Associates!)

Crystal with Arthur (Kilroy Realty) and Reggie (CBRE) at the BOMA 100 Year Celebration Party

The Batmobile and the Back To The Future DeLorean at the BOMA 100 Year Celebration Party

Josh with Sandra (Tishman Speyer), Patricia (Tishman Speyer), and Rudy (Tishman Speyer) at the BOMA 100 Year Celebration Party

Crystal with Josh (Kilroy Realty), Lilit (Kilroy Realty), and David (Kilroy Realty) at the BOMA 100 Year Celebration Party

Chris at the ABM party with Reggie (CBRE), Anastasiya (Hines), and....Austin Powers??

Josh with Stan (ABM) at the ABM party

Sales team member, Frank's birthday

Yvonne's birthday

Sales team member, Josh's birthday (yes, he had more than just a cake pop, but the photos seem to have disappeared)

Marketing and sales team member, Crystal's birthday

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