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Green is the new black...

In case you haven't heard, green is in.  The days of throwing trash out of the car window are long gone, most everyone in Southern California is aware of what days and what times they can and cannot water their lawns, throwing a water bottle in the garbage can get you a slew of hard looks, and spending $100 to fill up your gas tank is just outrageous.  Slowly but surely, the world, or at least Southern California, is turning more eco-friendly.

With that eco-friendliness mindset, comes a new group of drivers who are opting for electric vehicles (EV).  And why wouldn't they?  Besides saving a ton of money in gas each month, California electric vehicle owners are given good sized rebates on the purchase of their EV, and they're also eligible to receive a special sticker for their car that allows them to drive in the HOV (carpool) lane...with only one person in the car!  This should be music to everyone's ears that has a daily commute through anywhere in L.A..  Not to mention, with each new EV on the road, that's one less car's worth of emissions that the rest of us have to breathe in.

As EV's become more commonplace, it's likely that building tenants who own an EV will start to add an Electronic Vehicle Charging Station to their list of requirements when searching for a new office location, or deciding whether to renew their lease at their current location.  Adding and/or maintaining an EV Charging Station at your building keeps you as a front runner in the management race, and shows that you care about your tenants' needs, as well as your interest in offering "green" incentives.

With that said, be sure to call Duggan and Associates when you're ready to paint the floors and walls of your new EV Charging Stations, because - Yep!  We do that too. ;-)

Color Me Geometric

When you're located across the street from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, it only makes sense to join in on the freedom of expression that can be experienced through art.  5900 Wilshire Blvd. has done just that.  The colorful array of squares and rectangles that cover the entrance wall to the building's underground parking lot are eye-catching and make for an easy way to give directions to visitors - "Just look for the wall with the brightly painted geometric design on it, you can't miss it!"

The building management team came to Duggan and Associates with a concept and an image.  We then took that image, scaled it the size of the wall, tiled it, and laid out the design that was then measured and drawn onto the wall in pencil.  Two of our painters then masked off each shape and basically played "color-by-numbers" painting multiple layers of paint onto each section.  For the lettering of the building's address, a reverse stencil was attached to the wall, painted over with white, and then the stencil was removed leaving just the crisp lettering in its place.  The total project from start to finish took over 100 hours, and the final product is well worth it.

The art masterpiece is visible from the street on Wilshire Blvd. and creates a wonderful splash of color as you peak down the building's walkway.  Coupled with the building's artistic vibe, as shown by the 10 segments of the Berlin Wall that were installed in front of the building and painted by local established and emerging artists, 5900 Wilshire embodies the essence of its Miracle Mile location.


Mechanical rooms need love too...

When you only have so much wiggle room in your paint budget, it's natural that you would focus on areas that are highly visible with heavier foot traffic. But let's not forget those big rooms that house the equipment that keeps your buildings functional, and the engineers that have to spend a large amount of their time in them.

Some may question why they should spend their budget on painting a room that only a handful of people see, but while painting your mechanical equipment makes your machinery attractive to the eye, it also saves you money in the long run by protecting the surfaces from corrosion and rust.  And since this room doesn't typically see a lot of traffic, your paint job should have some longevity to it.

A message board quote on the internet read, "If you want to know if a company is serious about Property Managers...a quick look in one of the mechanical rooms will answer all your questions."  What does your mechanical room say about you and your management?  Would you be proud to walk a newly hired engineer through your mechanical room, or would you save that stop for last so that you can speed through it when you're running out of time?  Are your pipes color coded and easy to identify, or do you struggle with trying to decipher whether your pipe is red with yellow stripes or yellow with red stripes?

When it comes to both safety and aesthetics, upgrading and maintaining your mechanical room floor can have the biggest impact.  Various materials can be mixed into an epoxy coating of your choice to create a waterproof, non-slip surface - ground polymer grit, fine silica sand, and paint chips are a few options. The waterproof epoxy flooring will make cleaning spills and leaks in your mechanical room easier and safer.

Don't underestimate the importance of a well kept mechanical room.  Think of it as the white glove does your building stand up?


Duggan Family Spotlight

Frank Valdez


Frank has been with Duggan and Associates for 15 years, but has been working in the paint industry since his first job in the real world with Frazee Paints 30 years ago.  Frank began with Duggan as an estimator then supervisor, and now functions as Operations Manager overseeing various areas of the company.

Frank is an avid golfer and if given the opportunity, would be teeing off daily.  When he's not hanging out on the fairway though, he spends his free time with his wife, Yvonne, his children (Lola (5yrs), Diego (7yrs), and Karrina (15yrs)), and their dog, Sunny.

At the top of Frank's bucket list is a trip to Ireland to enjoy a day of golf with Chris and Josh (Frank's Duggan family)....and perhaps a New York Steak to top it off.

Throughout Frank's employment with Duggan and Associates, he has grown professionally and feels thankful for the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than him.  He has been an integral part of the operations of the company and feels that after years of searching, he finally found a work place that he can make a difference in and call "home".

Duggan and Associates attended and sponsored the 2014 Century City Chamber of Commerce Women of Achievement Awards

(left to right) Josh, Chris, and Frank, along with foursome teammate Jan Church (not pictured) participated in the BOMA Masters Tournament

Duggan and Associates very own Josh Moon received the 2014 IREM Los Angeles Friend of the Year award, presented by IREM President, Jacqueline Harris.

Duggan and Associates booth at the 2014 IREM Installation Dinner and Tradeshow

(left to right) Stan Bochniak, Terri Reno, Crystal Henning, and Chris Duggan at the 2014 BOMA TOBY Awards held at the Beverly Hilton

(left to right) Duggan and Associates team members Josh Moon, Crystal Henning, and Frank Valdez at the 2014 BOMA TOBY Awards at the Beverly Hilton

Snapshot of Current and Upcoming Projects

Shawmut Construction - Painting and wallcovering @ Hugo Boss, South Coast Plaza

Shawmut Construction - Painting and wallcovering @ Gucci, Beverly Hills

Turner Construction - Painting @ Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Med Ctr

Turner Construction - LAX

• Turelk Contractors - Epoxy Flooring and painting @ UNITE HERE HEALTH

CBRE - Window caulking @ Pacific Corporate Towers

Brookfield - Storefront painting facelift and parking lot painting @ Fig at 7th