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Keep Up With Us


Duggan and Associates has entered the world of social media!

Yes, we know that we're the last ones to this party, but we'll just call it "fashionably late".  We're dressed and ready for the ball now, so come check us out on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think!

We'll be sharing photos and updates about current projects we're working on, new projects coming up, and past projects that deserve a little renewed spotlight!  If you've got something we've done for you that you're ultra proud of, let us know and we'll come photograph it and feature it!

We'll also be giving you fun insights into our company, our team, and our day to days.  We've got a great group of people working here, and we want you to get to know them all!

The best thing about social media, is its immediacy.  You'll get updates and features as soon as we post them in real time.  But we'll continue to feature the stories here in this newsletter as well for those who are later to the party than us. ;-)

We're always open to suggestions and feedback about our social media presence, good and bad.  If there's something you want to see more of, let us know!  We want to build our social presence around our readers and their interests, so if you like something we post - click "Like", Retweet it, Comment and share it with your social circles!  And if you don't like it...well, maybe just send us an email. ;-)


Functional Art?

Who says art has to just be something to look at, or something to place in a hallway or behind your desk?  What if you could sit IN the art?

Well the people over at Flavor Paper created this eye-catching wallpaper based off of a photograph by pop art legend, Andy Warhol, titled "Crowd".  Then the designer of this office space, teamed with Duggan and Associates to install it, took that wallpaper and placed it in these gorgeous alcoves for those sitting in it to stare at endlessly like a Bruegel painting.  The creative director at Flavor Paper thought it would be fun to add a photo of Warhol himself into the image so that people could search for him like a game of "Where's Waldo?"

From a distance though, the alcove interior takes on a more chic, textured, metallic appearance.  Deceiving to the eye until you get a little closer.  

Perhaps this may spawn some newfounded inspiration for your own office space!

(Wallpaper image)

Downtown L.A. is looking more colorful lately...

Have you been down by The Bloc in Downtown L.A. lately?  Noticed all of the construction?  Have you also noticed how less unobtrusive all of that construction looks with what basically is a color-filled mural wrapped around all of the wood planks that enclose the construction areas?  Well you can thank the designers, and Duggan and Associate's painters for that.

If you didn't know already, The Bloc is getting some major renovations done, and it's going to be amazing by the looks of the drawings!  Unfortunately, the final unveiling isn't set for its debut until in the meantime, there's going to be scaffolding and wood coverings around the building and throughout.  In most situations, this could be an eyesore, especially in such a heavy trafficked location.

In order to make walking and driving through this area more visually pleasant, bright and abstract color shapes were painted onto the construction walls, both inside the building and out, along with decals containing catchy phrases that give a little buildup to the future of The Bloc.

In addition to the fancy paint job, those creative people over at The Bloc also decided they wanted to get crafty and make a beautiful origami paper crane display that hangs from the scaffolding in the outdoor walkway.  On Twitter it's being called #TheBlocSky and Downtown L.A. goers are tweeting and Instagramming photos of this unique display.

We'll give you a guess as to who they asked to install the 2,000 white paper cranes...yep.  We here at Duggan and Associates definitely live up to the phrase, "More Than Paint."

The following pictures were featured on The Bloc's Twitter account and shows one of our Duggan and Associates crew members hard at work, hanging these paper cranes one by one.

So the next time you find yourself near The Bloc, swing on by to check out the latest temporary art installation in Downtown L.A.!

Duggan Family Spotlight

Nelson Cullum


Nelson Cullum, ziplining on the Big Island in Kohala, Hawaii

This month's featured associate is Nelson Cullum.  He's been with Duggan and Associates for 25 years.  Before the thought of being in the paint industry even came about for him, Nelson dreamed of becoming a forest ranger.  After much thought, he eventually concluded that it wasn't going to be the right field for him.  Eventually he met his wife and worked as a painter and wall covering installer for 16 years, and then found himself with Duggan and Associates utilizing his field work skills.  After a few years, he came into the office as a superintendent.  A few more years after that, he moved into sales where he currently works as a project manager, primarily with General Contractors on some of our larger projects.

On the personal side, Nelson, who is a native Southern Californian, and his wife of 38 years, Judy, have two daughters, both in their early 30's.  He's an Eagle Scout who enjoys fly fishing, cooking, watching The Big Bang Theory and The Blacklist on TV, while eating a good grilled steak or his wife's homemade, all-day spaghetti sauce.  He values friends, family, and faith above all else, and someday hopes to travel the world visiting Europe, Machu Picchu, Alaska, and Australia.

Did You Know... is illegal to drive more than 2,000 sheep down Hollywood Blvd at one time.

1,999 is completely ok though, with a permit...

...who wants a front row seat to witness the officer who has to count said sheep? 

Projects Snapshot
•  Runway at Playa Vista, interior/exterior painting
•  Desmond Building Renovation, interior/exterior painting
•  Equity, Parking deck coating
•  Discovery Channel, Idea Paint and "Wink"
•  United Artist Agency, Interior painting
•  Douglas Emmett, Door refinishing
•  Worldwide Facilities, Inc., Interior painting
•  WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems, Interior painting

What our clients are saying...

"...Enrique is a master perfectionist with making wood look like new again."
          - Sara-Ann Smith