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Have you considered elastomeric?

To elastomeric coat or not to elastomeric coat...that is the question. Are you budgeting for a new exterior coating on your building? If you're considering an elastomeric product, but you're not sure if it's right for your property or not, let us give you some of the pros and cons:

PRO: The most prevalent purpose of an elastomeric coating is to waterproof a building and protect it from exterior moisture damage. This type of coating will create an impenetrable barrier that expands and retracts with the building as the weather cools and heats, protecting the building from nature's wet elements. It tends to be a popular product for buildings close to the coastlines that get constant ocean spray, or windy areas that see a lot of sideways rain.

CON: The material costs are higher for elastomeric coatings. It's just the nature of the beast. Products with more purpose = $$

PRO: Have tiny cracks on your building from all those pesky earthquakes? Regular paint coatings just coat what's there, they can't create a surface where there is none, so paint as much as you want, but the cracks will continue to exist. Elastomeric coatings on the other hand, can bridge hairline cracks to keep that same, continuous, bonded surface, which further protects your building from moisture that can creep into those cracks.

CON: Because the elastomeric product is much thicker than a regular paint (10 times thicker!), the coverage area for the product is much smaller, which means you need more of the product, and it's going to take a little longer to apply...therefore your material and labor costs do increase.

Elastomeric coating applied by Duggan and Associates at 8383 Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills
PRO: Elastomeric coatings will last much longer than a traditional coat of exterior paint. They don't dry out and chip the same as traditional paint, and they are less susceptible to color fading than traditional paint.

CON: You may also require new caulking on your building at the time of the elastomeric application to ensure the waterproof seal is intact at all building seams. Ideal if your building is due for new caulking anyways!

PRO: Some elastomeric products have a heat-reflective technology that can reduce exterior wall temperatures by as much as 40'F, thus providing cooling cost savings for your building.

Overall - An elastomeric coating for your building should be looked at as a long-term investment that protects your building's integral structure, requires less maintenance, and has a lifespan that exceeds a traditional paint job. Give Duggan and Associates a call to discuss product and pricing options for your building!
Elastomeric coating applied by Duggan and Associates at 15233 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks

PV JOBS 2015 Recognition Luncheon

PV JOBS was formed in 1998 to help provide construction jobs in the Playa Vista area to at-risk and disadvantaged, Los Angeles residents in an effort to revitalize the economy in their communities and to provide better lives for those residing there. Today, the organization works with over 100 organizations for individual referrals, and has filled over 4,500 positions to date with an 87% retention rate.

The 2015 annual Recognition Luncheon, held at The Center at the Cathedral Plaza in downtown Los Angeles, honored several individuals and companies involved with PV JOBS, including Duggan's very own Darryl Foster who received an award for Veteran of the Year! He was accompanied to the luncheon by his mother, grandmother, and cousin, along with his Duggan foreman, Mark, from the Runway at Playa Vista job site. We'd like to thank him for his hard work at the Runway, and we're glad to have him as part of our team! Congratulations Darryl!


AVON 39 - Complete!

Earlier this month, Chris, Frank, and Josh of Duggan and Associates, along with several property managers throughout the Greater L.A. area, trekked up to beautiful Santa Barbara to walk 39 miles over 2 days to help end breast cancer! The entire team raised over $44,000 for breast cancer research, awareness, education, screenings, and treatment! If you were there, we'd love to see your photos! Email them or post them on our Facebook page!

Learn more about the AVON 39 walk here!

Epoxy flooring at Honda of Downtown LA
Exterior painting and joint caulking at the CBRE managed Brandman University in Irvine
Wallpaper removal, skim coating, and painting at the CBRE managed Pacific Corporate Towers in El Segundo
Louvres painting at the JLL managed 300 S. Grand building DTLA
Epoxy pool deck coating at the Capri Apartments in Marina Del Rey, managed by G&K Management
Wood deck refinishing at the Worthe managed The Reserve campus in Playa Vista
Caulking at the Worthe managed The Reserve campus in Playa Vista
Carpet removal, cement prep, and cement sealant application at the CBRE managed Water Garden complex
Elastomeric waterproofing membrane cooling tower application at the Manhattan Plaza in Manhattan Beach
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